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About RCR Impact Factor

The articles that we publish are downloadable by anybody in the world. They have been downloaded by scholars from the USA, China, Europe, but also from most countries around the globe. Name it, from A to Z. Albania? Yes; Algeria? Yes; Bahrain? Yes; Bangladesh? Yes; (...); Uganda? Yes; Uzbekistan? Yes; Venezuela? Yes; Zambia? Yes; Zimbabwe? Yes.


Scholars reach our articles. For example, McCombs and Stroud's article has been downloaded more than 9,200 times, and W. James Potter's article has been seen more than 3,700 times from RCR web site and more than 4,200 times from


Review of Communication Research has been included in SCOPUS ("The title will be loaded in Scopus as soon as we have access to the title and the content has been processed for indexing") and Emerging Sources Citation Index.



The articles we publish have an impact on the international scientific community. Review of Communication Research  has an unofficial impact factor of 1.57 for 2016, according to the Journal of Citation Report definition. 


The impact for 2016 was calculated on Jannuary 2nd, 2017 by the following formula:

A= cites to articles published in 2014 and 2015 by RCR. Only cites published in journals listed in JCR are considered.

B= number of articles published in 2014-2015 by RCR.


Impact Factor for 2016= A/B = 11/7 = 1.57


You can check the statement of our impact factor by confirming the data with Google Scholar. In the same page, you can check our impact trend. The final impact may be slightly different because some articles prepublished in 2016 could be officially published in 2017. The definitive impact factor should be calculated in June 2017.


The articles we publish are available online and citable as soon as they are accepted. It facilitates a fast impact on the field.


Do you have any doubts or questions about this formula? Please, ask the editor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

in journals listed in Journal of Citation Reports (JCR)