Review of Communication Research

Open-Peer-Review Process

RCR uses a DOUBLE-BLIND PEER REVIEW + EDITOR REVIEW system. Each article is reviewed by two specialists in the field and by the editor or an associate editor. Furthermore, we use a new OPEN-PEER-REVIEW system.


In open-access-reviewing process, drafts are made available to the scholar commmunity to review.

What is it about?

You can review the articles RCR is going to publish.

The reviewing process is open to any scholar who is willing to give his or her valuable insights to improve the papers RCR is going to publish and to comment published articles.

You will be credited in the paper if the author improves his/her paper with any of your suggestions.


How does it work?

Drafts are uploaded in our open-review website.

You can download them, but first you must register.

Registration is simple and you have to answer only few questions. It is required that you register with your institutional email address.

Registration allows us to control who downloads the manuscripts, as a measure to protect our author’s work.

Once you have read the manuscript, you can comment it in the forum site for unpublished drafts  and  published articles.

The author/s and editor will read your comments and send a reply.