Review of Communication Research

How to Participate in the Open-Review Process

RCR uses a DOUBLE-BLIND PEER-REVIEW PROCESS + EDITOR REVIEW. Each article is reviewed by two specialists in the topic and by the editor or an associate editor. Furthermore, we use a new OPEN-REVIEW PROCESS.


The reviewing process is open to any scholar who is willing to give his or her valuable insights to improve the papers RCR is going to publish.

To participate in the open-peer-review process follow these steps:

- Register and Login on the web site.

- Download the draft.

- Write your analysis and give your feedback. You have three options:

- Enter the analysis as comments at the end of each article--you only need to enter as a registered user to review the SOA articles.-- You can discuss the article with the author and other registered scholars. If you only suggest minor changes, we appreciate your positive comment of acceptance of the draft for publication.

- Upload a PDF format file at the Forum.

- Send your comments to the editor (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Please, include the following as the email reference: OPR + title or first 4-6 words of the article.

- The author and the editor will use your comments to change the draft before it is officially published.

- You can sign the article as reviewer (please, do not forget to send an email to the editor as soon as you submit your comments to express your interest in signing the paper as an open-access reviewer.)


Please, remember that the purpose of the reviewing process is to give an expert opinion regarding the quality of the manuscript being considered. The review process in RCR should provide the authors and the editor with information on how to improve the article and make it publishable in a first line journal. As reviewer, your task is to help the author to improve his or her paper. We urge you to be rigorous and to write all your comments with respect, as you would like others to write about you.

Thank you for participating!