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About RCR Impact Factor

The articles that we publish are downloadable by anybody in the world, free of charge, immediately. In this way, we are helping the advancement of the academic field and the distribution of our author's work.

Scholars reach our articles. In fact, scholars can find them by coming to our official website, by accessing databases such as Web of Science, and Scopusor open-access respositories such as Social Science Open Access Repository, Internet Archive, Of course, search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo are an excellent way to find our articles. This high accessibility rises the impact of the articles we publish.

Moreover, our articles are citable as soon as they are accepted. It also facilitates a fast impact on the field.

As a consequence, our articles have an high impact on the field. We present some data that may give you an overall idea of our citation performance:


1. The articles published from 2015 to 2019 have been cited an average of 9.1 times in Web of Science Core Collection (the number has been published by WoS and collected on October 2019.)


2. The simulated Impact Factor that an external entity (see the source below the image) has calculated using Journal Citation Reports (JCR) statistic is 5.7 for 2018 (Please, note that RCR is not ranked in JCR a nd therefore Clarivate has not provided us with such information.) We are sure that the correct number is no lower than 4.1, which would make RCR one of the two or three most cited journals in the Communication field. Ask us for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 impact 2018 calculated in may 2019




3. The average number of citations received by the articles we published in 2013-2019 in Google Scholar is 28.8, SD = 28.3; Median = 19.5; min = 0, Max = 103 (Last updated on October 2019.)


4. Scopus CiteScore Tracker gives an impact of 3.2 for 2019 (Last updated by Scoups on 14 October 2019.)


Do you have any doubts or questions about these calculations? Please, ask the details to the editor. We can prove what we say. Write to editor[at]