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Volume 7, 2019
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How Stereotypes Are Shared Through Language: A Review and Introduction of the Social Categories and Stereotypes Communication (SCSC) Framework

Camiel J. Beukeboom and Christian Burgers

Keywords: Stereotypes; prejudice; discrimination; linguistic bias; social categorization; language; communication; entitativity; essentialism.;


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Reviewing Media Literacy Intervention Studies for Validity

W. James Potter and Chan Thai

Keywords: Media literacy interventions; validity; meaning analysis; explication; critical analysis;


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Communicating Uncertainty During Public Health Emergency Events: A Systematic Review


Pradeep Sopory1, Ashleigh M. Day1, Julie M. Novak1, Stine Eckert1, Lillian Wilkins1, Donyale R. Padgett1, Jane P. Noyes2, Fatima A. Barakji1, Juan Liu1, Beth N. Fowler1, Javier B. Guzman-Barcenas1, Anna Nagayko3, Jacob J. Nickell1, Damecia Donahue1, Kimberly Daniels4, Tomas Allen5, Nyka Alexander5, Marsha L. Vanderford5, Gaya M. Gamhewage5


1 Wayne State University, Detroit, USA; 2 Bangor University, Bangor, UK; 3 Independent Researcher; 4 George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, USA; 5 World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland


Keywords: Uncertainty; Risk communication; Disaster communication; Public health emergency events;


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Running as a Woman (or Man): A Review of Research on Political Communicators and Gender Stereotypes


Kelly L. Winfrey and James M. Schnoebelen


Keywords: Gender, Political Communication, Women, Political Campaigns, Double Bind, Feminine Style, Gender Adaptiveness

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