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Vol 7, 2019


How Stereotypes Are Shared Through Language: A Review and Introduction of the Social Categories and Stereotypes Communication (SCSC) Framework

Camiel J. Beukeboom and Christian Burgers (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


Keywords: stereotypes; prejudice; discrimination; linguistic bias; social categorization; language; communication; entitativity; essentialism;



Reviewing Media Literacy Intervention Studies for Validity

W. James Potter (University of California at Santa Barbara, USA) and Chan L. Thai (Santa Clara University, USA)


Keywords: media literacy interventions; validity; meaning analysis; explication; critical analysis;



Communicating Uncertainty During Public Health Emergency Events: A Systematic Review

Sopory, P., Day, A. M., Novak, J. M., Eckert, K., Wilkins, L., Padgett, D. R., et al. (Wayne State University, Detroit, USA; Bangor University, Bangor, UK; Independent Researcher; George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, USA; World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland)


Keywords: uncertainty; risk communication; disaster communication; public health emergency events;



Running as a Woman (or Man): A Review of Research on Political Communicators and Gender Stereotypes

Kelly L. Winfrey (Iowa State University, USA) and James M. Schnoebelen (Washburn University, USA)


Keywords: gender; political communication; women; political campaigns; double bind; feminine style; gender adaptiveness;


Vol 6, 2018


A Review and Analysis of Patterns of Design Decisions in Recent Media Effects Research

W. James Potter (University of California at Santa Barbara, USA)


Keywords: Media effects; Design decisions; Methods; Development of knowledge; Critical analysis.



Avatars and Computer-Mediated Communication: A Review of the Definitions, Uses, and Effects of Digital Representations on Communication

Kristine L. Nowak and Jesse Fox (University of Connecticut and The Ohio State University, USA)


Keywords: Avatars; Perception; Digital environments; Video games; Computer-mediated communication; Digital representations; Social actors; Anthropomorphism; Human-computer interaction;



The Path to Cooperative Action during Group Social Dilemmas: A Literature Review, Set of Propositions, and Model Describing How the Opportunity to Communicate Encourages Cooperation

Charles Pavitt (University of Delaware, USA)


Keywords: Social dilemma, Resource dilemma, Public goods dilemma, Group identity, Social norms, Trust, Trustworthiness, Communication, Cooperation, Social value orientation, Group size;


Vol 5, 2017


Music and intergroup relations: Exacerbating conflict and building harmony through music

Harwood, Jake (University of Arizona, USA)


Keywords: Intergroup relations, Music, Contact, Identity, Prejudice.




 Thinking about the media: A review of theory and research on media perceptions, media effects perceptions, and their consequences

McLeod, D. M., Wise, D., & Perryman, M. (University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA)


Keywords: Media Perceptions; Media Effects Perceptions; Media Trust; Media Credibility; Media Bias; Hostile Media Perception; Presumed Influence; Influence of Presumed Influence; Persuasive Press Inference; Third-person Perception;



Vol 4., 2016

Social Norms: A Review

Adrienne Chung and Rajiv N. Rimal

Keywords: Social norms; descriptive norms; injunctive norms; focus theory of normative conduct; theory of normative social behavior; health behavior; health interventions.


A long look back: An analysis of 50 years of organizational communication research (1964-2013)

Johny T. Garner et al.

Keywords: Organizational Communication; Communication History.


Characteristics of Narrative Interventions and Health Effects: A Review of the Content, Form, and Context of Narratives in Health-related Narrative Persuasion Research

Anneke de Graaf, José Sanders and Hans Hoeken

Keywords: Narrative persuasion, Health, Narrative engagement, Perspective, Framing.


Communication in Health-Related Online Social Support Groups/Communities: A Review of Research on Predictors of Participation, Applications of Social Support Theory, and Health Outcomes

Kevin B. Wright

Keywords: Online social support groups/communities, health communication, social support theory, computer-mediated communication, coping, health outcomes.

Volume 2 (2014)

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Humans Are People, Too: Nurturing an Appreciation for Nature in Communication Research

Kory Floyd


Keywords: Biology, Evolution, Social Behavior, Neuroscience, Immunology


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Reviewing and Revising the Institutional Vision of U.S. Higher Education

Robert Abelman


Keywords: Institutional Vision; Mission Statement; Vision Statement; Organizational Communication; Strategic Planning; Institutional Rhetoric; Philosophical Template; Higher Education; Branding; Language of Institutions

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Psychology of Agenda-Setting Effects. Mapping the Paths of Information Processing

Maxwell McCombs & Natalie J. Stroud


Keywords: Agenda Setting, Attribute Agenda Setting, Public Opinion, Journalism, Motivated Reasoning, Issue Publics, Psychological Relevance, Need for Orientation, Selective Exposure

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Threat, Fear, and Persuasion: Review and Critique of Questions About Functional Form

Lijiang Shen & James Price Dillard


Keywords: drive model; parallel processing; EPPM; threat; fear; persuasion; latent growth curve modeling; health; influenza

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Narrative Research in Communication: Key Principles and Issues

Daniel G. McDonald


Keywords: Narrative; Persuasion; Mass Media Audiences; Mental Models; Mass Communication; Storytelling; Film Studies

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