Review of Communication Research

Vol 6, 2018


A Review and Analysis of Patterns of Design Decisions in Recent Media Effects Research

W. James Potter (University of California at Santa Barbara, USA)


Keywords: Media effects; Design decisions; Methods; Development of knowledge; Critical analysis.



Avatars and Computer-Mediated Communication: A Review of the Definitions, Uses, and Effects of Digital Representations on Communication

Kristine L. Nowak and Jesse Fox (University of Connecticut and The Ohio State University, USA)


Keywords: Avatars; Perception; Digital environments; Video games; Computer-mediated communication; Digital representations; Social actors; Anthropomorphism; Human-computer interaction;




The Path to Cooperative Action during Group Social Dilemmas: A Literature Review, Set of Propositions, and Model Describing How the Opportunity to Communicate Encourages Cooperation

Charles Pavitt (University of Delaware, USA)


Keywords: Social dilemma, Resource dilemma, Public goods dilemma, Group identity, Social norms, Trust, Trustworthiness, Communication, Cooperation, Social value orientation, Group size;



Volume 4 (2016)

Social Norms: A Review

Adrienne Chung and Rajiv N. Rimal


Keywords: Social norms; descriptive norms; injunctive norms; focus theory of normative conduct; theory of normative social behavior; health behavior; health interventions.

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A long look back: An analysis of 50 years of organizational communication research (1964-2013)

Johny T. Garner et al.


Keywords: Organizational Communication; Communication History.


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Characteristics of Narrative Interventions and Health Effects: A Review of the Content, Form, and Context of Narratives in Health-related Narrative Persuasion Research

Anneke de Graaf, José Sanders and Hans Hoeken


Keywords: Narrative persuasion, Health, Narrative engagement, Perspective, Framing.

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Communication in Health-Related Online Social Support Groups/Communities: A Review of Research on Predictors of Participation, Applications of Social Support Theory, and Health Outcomes

Kevin B. Wright


Keywords: Online social support groups/communities, health communication, social support theory, computer-mediated communication, coping, health outcomes.

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