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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Please note that RCR has started to charge a fair production fee. RCR wants to keep its contents open access. Still, we need to pay some necessary technical products (e.g., monthly webspace, server support, DOI numbers) and technical collaborators (e.g., copy editors, proofreaders, designers, computer specialists). Follow the link below and read the information to check the list of discounts and waivers before submitting the manuscript. If you do not qualify and the fee is expensive for you, write to us and ask for a discount or waiver before submitting the manuscript. Tell us your case! We may help you! contact@rcommunicationr.org Information: https://www.rcommunicationr.org/index.php/rcr/submit/production-charges
  • Does your manuscript comply with our "Author Guidelines"? (https://www.rcommunicationr.org/index.php/rcr/write-an-article/author-guidelines) Remember that you can send a proposal to the editor before writing a manuscript (https://www.rcommunicationr.org/index.php/rcr/submit/Proposal-Form) In case of doubts, write to: editor[at]rcommunicationr.org
  • Ensure that you have obtained the necessary permission from coauthors and copyright holders. The reproduction of any illustration, table, figure, or lengthy quotation that has been previously published requires a written permission.
  • Ensure that you upload a title page with the information about the authors (i.e., names in publication order, corresponding author, affiliations, emails, addresses). Please, ensure you acknowledge all the funding entities.
  • Ensure you upload a blinded PDF for review: a) Delete your names from the text; b) add line numbers before creating the PDF. Follow this procedure in MS Word: click on the “Layout” tab in the ribbon bar at the top; click the “Line Numbers” button; then, a drop-down menu offers several options, please, click on the “Continuous” option; c) make sure that the pages are numbered; finally, d) remove personal information from the PDF file properties by taking the following steps: a) Go to File, b) select Properties, and c) remove any name in the author field by making a copy of the file without properties; d) click OK, and e) save the document.

Author Guidelines

You can download the author guidelines from here: https://www.rcommunicationr.org/public/journals/1/RCR_AuthorGuidelines.pdf


Production Charges

RCR needs to pay collaborators for their work in the publication process (e.g., webspace, technical maintenance, article production, doi registration). Therefore, RCR has started to charge a fair fee for production to keep all its contents open access. Check the information and if you are eligible for a discount (e.g., members of the Editorial board or ad-hoc reviewers get a discount). Tell us your case. We may help you! here