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Call for Papers for the Educational Technology and Communication Section

October 7, 2021

In the contemporary interconnected world, the nexus between technology and communication is growing stronger. The focus of instructional communication is on the role that communication plays in the learning and teaching process across different disciplines (e.g., science, business, medicine), educational levels (e.g., school, tertiary) and instructional settings (face-to-face, online; Allen, 2017). As the methods and modes of communication are changing and evolving in the 21st century, communication is often mediated through technology, whether that be social media, learning management systems, robotics or artificial intelligence bots. The core premise of communication in a learning and teaching context is to understand and improve communication between teachers-learners, learners-learners, and learners-teachers. Thus, technology has an essential role in enabling effective communication.

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Call for Papers or Proposals: VISUAL COMMUNICATION

June 24, 2021


Review of Communication Research invites the submission of systematic reviews and meta-analyses that explore the influence of CGI Production and Visualization Techniques on Communication. CGI production and visualization techniques have influenced the traditional media, making communication processes evolve towards new realities. We welcome papers that include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Virtual and augmented reality experiences
  • CGI and social media
  • Storytelling techniques, transmedia, crossmedia, videogames, etc.
  • CGI visual effects on film productions
  • CGI and virtual education
  • Telepresence on live events


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