Review of Communication Research invites the submission of systematic reviews and meta-analyses that explore the influence of CGI Production and Visualization Techniques on Communication. CGI production and visualization techniques have influenced the traditional media, making communication processes evolve towards new realities. We welcome papers that include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Virtual and augmented reality experiences
  • CGI and social media
  • Storytelling techniques, transmedia, crossmedia, videogames, etc.
  • CGI visual effects on film productions
  • CGI and virtual education
  • Telepresence on live events

Authors should submit their manuscripts through the RCR editorial management system: www.rcommunicationr.org

Paper proposals, questions, and comments should be addressed to Roi Méndez (roi.mendez@usc.es) cc editor@rcommunicationr.org


You can download the call in PDF format here.


About the Journal:

Review of Communication Research (www.rcommunicationr.org) is an internationally respected open-access journal that specializes in publishing high-quality literature reviews and meta-analyses for the field of Communication. The comprehensive critical reviews that we publish summarize the latest advances in the field, but also root out errors and provoke intellectual discussions among scholars. 

RCR ranks Q1 in Scopus CiteScore. It ranks in the top 1% in Social Science (#104/8,420, according to Scopus SNIP indicator) and top 6% in Communication (#28/478, according to the SJR indicator.) 

We are looking forward to receiving your manuscripts or proposals!


Final deadline: June 30, 2022